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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

uxHH February Capability vs Usability

First up and FYI, this blog will as of now be primarily in English, accommodating our readers outside of the German speaking region of the planet - although I´m sure the German word will not be completely forsaken.

Following up the February Hamburg Usability Round Table, at which the Barry Schwartz talk at Google´s HQ on "The Paradox of Choice" was shown, a deep discussion on the trade offs and dilemmas a UE-Designer is faced with ensued, here´s some Mark Hurst Good Experience to follow up on. It may be from 2005 but well worth a second look. And to add to the theory that capability is cool, here´s a GE blog on Don Norman´s "Simple Doesn´t Sell" from December 2006 (and the 24 comments).

Perhaps something to observe for the next uxHH: When you go for lunch, how often do you take "today´s specials"?

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